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Offical G-E Credits Shop [OPEN]

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Offical G-E Credits Shop [OPEN]

Post by Inkz on Sun May 08, 2011 1:03 am


Custom Forum (Which you can Moderate) = G-E C 3000

Video Showcase on Homepage = G-E C 200

Custom Badges = G-E C 500

Change Your Username = G-E C 500

Custom Username Colours = G-E C 300

V.I.P. Membership = G-E C 1000

Buy a friend V.I.P. = G-E C 1000

Sticky for 7 days = G-E C 300

Ways To Get Free G-E Credits

You will receive 1 G-E Credit for every 1 message posted

You will receive 3 G-E Credits for every topic you make

Every 100 posts I will donate 250 G-E Credits to you

Every 1 person that you refer and joins I will donate 50 G-E Credits

Buy G-E Credits

100 G-E credits = £1.00

200 G-E credits = £1.50

500 G-E credits = £3.00

1000 G-E credits = £5.00

Click on the link below

To buy something, Just leave a request below and i,ll do the rest. If you want to buy G-E Credits, post below how many you want and I will confirm your transaction has gone through.

If you have any other ideas on what else can be added, post your ideas in the Idea Section.

Thank You All.


don't click this link...

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